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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Category: Art Gallery
Address: The Chaplin Centre Taplow House, Thurlow Street London SE17 2DG

- About -

The ASC Gallery was established in 2010 with an annual program of five exhibitions p.a. together with regular talks and live events. The gallery aims to encourage dialogue in and through new ideas in visual art and promote visual art to new audiences. The overriding remit of the gallery is to work ‘collaboratively’ with artists on new commissions developed for the space.
The ASC Gallery aims to provide a platform for work that, as a result of its ambition or non commercial nature, may not easily find a platform elsewhere. The gallery recognises that as a non commercial public space we do not have any of the limitations that commercial galleries are defined by. We aim to encourage the artists we collaborate with, to develop work for the gallery without commercial consideration. The gallery is located in Southwark SE1 and occupies a 1000 sq ft space within ASC’s HQ building. The property is a nine storey, circa 1960’s building, formally South Bank University. The Gallery is directly funded and managed by Artists Studio Company.

- Previous Artworks -

Jo McGonigal
Dimension: 100 × 80 × 7 in
Dirty Gold
Helen Hayward
Dimension: 43 × 39 × 0 cm
The Fool
Adam Hennessey
Dimension: 150 × 120 × 0 cm