Darl-e and the Bear | Art Gallery at Woodstock, Oxfordshire | Art Week
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Country: United Kingdom
City: Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Category: Art Gallery

- About -

Darl- e and the Bear showcases exceptional contemporary visual arts. Our company ethos is to strive to wander from the path of ‘manufactured’ living, promoting a sense of wellbeing and being conscious of our environmental footprint. We believe in creating a relaxing, calm, beautiful and ever changing inviting space to showcase our artists and craftspeople.
We are rather eclectic, believing different is good and should be championed. Our unique gallery spaces are housed in two lovingly restored quirky Georgian buildings in the heart of historic Woodstock near Oxford and the home of Blenheim Palace. Number 17 - Main Gallery is situated on Market Street and houses an ever-changing array of unique, considered artworks from local, international, established and emerging artists. Number 43 - the Fire House is accessed through our beautiful walled garden, the main space and the garden room have undergone an extensive renovation project and now offer a dynamic exhibition programme.

- Current Artworks -

Dimension: 15 × 20 × 0 cm
Judge IV (Edition)
Dimension: 15 × 25 × 0 cm
Dimension: 90 × 90 × 2 cm
St Mary's Witness III

- Previous Artworks -

Toby Rainbird
Dimension: 0 × 30 × 25 in
Trees in Battersea Park at Sunset
Toby Rainbird
Dimension: 0 × 39 × 39 cm
The Trees in Cemetery
Toby Rainbird
Dimension: 0 × 13 × 19 cm
Nose Ring Portrait