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Country: United States
City: Larchmont
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 1947 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont, New York 10538, USA

- About -

Kenise Barnes Fine Art was founded in 1994 on the belief that art is essential. We are a fine art gallery and art consulting firm that represents emerging and mid-career investment-quality artists. Our exhibition program includes over forty artists working in a variety of mediums.We organize more than twenty solo exhibitions and concept-driven group shows each year in our two spacious galleries.We collaborate with architects,design professionals,the hospitality industry and individuals to help build meaningful art collections.

- Previous Artworks -

Jenny Kemp
Dimension: 2 × 22 × 28 in
Silver Brush
Janna Watson
Dimension: 2 × 60 × 48 in
Swoops Through a River Angle
Janna Watson
Dimension: 2 × 60 × 40 in
A Freshly Whipped Whiff of Light