SoLA Contemporary | Art Gallery at Los Angeles | Art Week
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Country: United States
City: Los Angeles
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 3718 W. Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043

- About -

SoLA Contemporary is a nonprofit art organization supporting advanced explorations in Contemporary art. SoLA welcomes curators and artists who are tapping into issues of our time to produce and present art that expands on current perspectives of diverse culture. SoLA connects local, national and international artists providing an innovative place for community to discover creative freedom within the open structure of contemporary art.

- Previous Artworks -

Silvia Wagensberg
Dimension: 0 × 33 × 35 in
Is This Recyclable 2 (Together Forever)
Tomer Peretz
Dimension: 0 × 53 × 84 in
Play Time at the Gulf War
Parris Gray
Dimension: 0 × 0 × 0 in
Exposed Habitat