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The Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery has selected “Ryzantine Artist” Louis Carreon as the new exhibitor for its Virtual Art Gallery exhibition series.


Californian-born Carreon follows in the footsteps of Julian Lennon, Aaron Schwartz, Fabio Mesa, Robi Walters, Michele Utley Voigt and Rafael Delceggio, all of whom have displayed their unique artwork in the Aston Martin Residences Virtual Art Gallery.  Carreon’s exclusive exhibition, entitled “An Addicts Halo,” will be featured for two months as a three-dimensional immersive experience, replicating the residence’s physical art gallery being developed on the 52nd floor, and can now be viewed at  

Carreon’s exhibit shows a collection of works that reflect on his own life experiences, portrayed through his signature oil, charcoal, aerosol and acrylic on linen medium. In the fusion of African and South American tribal and folk motifs, with the pictorial space of Old Masters and the scarified mark-making of punk-inflected modernism, Carreon has found a voice authentically his own, and uniquely suited to tell his multi-faceted journey of all-time highs, shadowy lows, and momentum towards reinvention.

“I’m a vandal at heart,” says Carreon, who started out as a tagger. “I’m a 40-year-old businessman – but as an artist I’m still a kid.”  Carreon is very much engaged in the question of his identity, his place in society and culture, and how to find peace in this world. If this looks like art that saved someone’s life, it’s because it has. His. Through two years in prison and ten years of sobriety, Carreon realized a few things about awareness, motivation, and intimacy. For him, the true power of art doesn’t lie entirely in how good you are at any given moment; you can always get better. He often asks the question Who are you painting for? “At least one part of that answer better be for yourself or you’re in trouble,” says Carreon. “I tell my fans on Instagram, the kids especially, ‘I paint for me. You should paint for yourself.’”

Carreon is also pleased to present "Paintitecture Fantasy," an original interpretation for the Aston Martin Residences’ permanent collection – inspired by the residences’ sail-shaped architecture and tropical environment -- portraying the 66-storey tower standing tall under the blazing sun of South Florida.

Drawing from his colorful past and background in graffiti, rapping, skateboarding and surfing, Californian-born Louis Carreon is a visionary contemporary artist known for his enigmatic, abstract images inspired by religious iconography.  Using art to reflect on the adversities of his past, his work fuses contemporary ideas with classic concepts, paying homage to art history.  In addition to brand collaborations with UBS, Art Basel, Denison Yachts, Soho House, Viper Room and the Stanley Cup, Carreon has exhibited his artworks internationally, including in Mexico City, Madrid and New York City.  Notably, Louis has been commissioned by Landmark Aviation to paint its narrative ISOT (International Symbols of Travel) onto a 12-seater private jet, as well as by Dimension Superyachts to paint ISOT on a mega yacht for consecutive years during Art Basel.  Currently, Louis is working on his Ryzantine narratives, updating spiritual and religious iconography for the modern world.

Louis Carreon’’s An Addicts Halo exhibit and artworks for sale can now be viewed at the Aston Martin Residences immersive 3D virtual gallery, at  

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