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  • British Contemporary Artist Olga Lomaka’s Solo Exhibition Debut for ‘Aliens’ Concluded at Zari Gallery
    From October 11 to October 15, 2023, prestigious Zari Gallery hosted a solo exhibition ‘Aliens’ by British Artist Olga Lomaka. The exhibition was organized by FprBuro Communications Agency, and this event marked a momentous occasion in the world of contemporary art. 'Aliens' offered a captivating art journey, inviting visitors to contemplate various facets of the human condition and experience. Through the lens of contemporary popular culture, the exhibition delved into themes of consumerism, human desire, and collective unconsciousness. Olga Lomaka's visionary solo exposition...
    FPRBuro Communications Agency
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  • Claire Bendiner: Deep Creep
    Our ability to perceive our location in space is not merely mechanistic. We accumulate mental representations of the external world to form an intimate topography; integral landscapes. These 'cognitive maps' help us navigate both spatial and existential realms. In the early 2000s, the discovery of pyramidal neurons in the hippocampus—called "place cells"—were shown to activate in relation to spatial positioning and memory. Blueprints of neural architecture trace the intersection between identity, place, and history.  Bendiner’s large-scale abstractions delve into the relationship...
    Fine Art Paris
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  • Bridging the creative gap: Arts charity launches creative coworking venue to provide affordable desking in the capital
    In response to the cost-of-living crisis and a sea change in creative working practices, arts charity Artists Studio Company has launched The Handbag Factory in Vauxhall SE11. The project offers affordable coworking and gallery space for people and groups working in the creative industries. The venue opened its doors in October 2023, with an official launch event taking place on 23rd November 2023. With an ongoing affordability crisis across London's creative workspaces, many people working in the creative industries are reconsidering their practice or moving out of the city. Others are...
    ASC Gallery
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  • Shortlist announced for the 2023 David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Grant
    The shortlist is announced for the 2023 David and Yuko Juda Art Foundation Grant which gives £50,000 to an artist to help alleviate some of their financial pressures and give them freedom to concentrate on their practice. The recipient of the grant will be announced at 7pm on 12 September 2023 at Annely Juda Fine Art in London. For the first time, an exhibition of work by all of the shortlisted artists will be held at Annely Juda from 13 – 22 September 2023. Each year a curator is appointed to put forward artists for consideration for the grant, and this year the curator is artist Alison...
    Alison Wright
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    After 20 nomadic years, Drawing Room, the UK’s leading arts organisation dedicated to displaying, making and sharing contemporary drawing, will settle in its new purpose-built home in Bermondsey, southeast London, opening to the public on 22 September 2023. Drawing Room is a division of studio provider Tannery Arts, which was established by artists in a Bermondsey Street warehouse in 1993. Putting down roots in an area traditionally occupied by artists, Drawing Room is the only UK art gallery dedicated solely to the medium of drawing. With over 1,600 sq ft of double-height gallery spaces...
    Alison Wright
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    The Aston Martin Residences Art Gallery has selected “Ryzantine Artist” Louis Carreon as the new exhibitor for its Virtual Art Gallery exhibition series.   Californian-born Carreon follows in the footsteps of Julian Lennon, Aaron Schwartz, Fabio Mesa, Robi Walters, Michele Utley Voigt and Rafael Delceggio, all of whom have displayed their unique artwork in the Aston Martin Residences Virtual Art Gallery.  Carreon’s exclusive exhibition, entitled “An Addicts Halo,” will be featured for two months as a three-dimensional immersive experience, replicating the residence’s physical...
    Rudy Geneva
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  • LOOP printmakers share their secrets
    LOOP PRINTMAKERS SHARE THEIR SECRETS In September, thirty LOOP artists will be exhibiting together at the Bankside Gallery in London. This group pushes the boundaries of printmaking every year by exhibiting new work, very much in the spirit of sharing and spreading explorations of techniques and ideas. This year’s exhibition will include approaches which combine digital processes with collage, which manipulate the surface to become 3D, and which ink up the body to impress onto the printing plate. Experienced LOOP artists draw on their expertise in print processes but are continuing to...
    Janet Sang
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  • CHAMPIONS: an immersive boxing art experience; T.K.O.O. launch endorsed by the World Boxing Council and WBC Cares, July 8, New York
    The fine art and boxing worlds are merging to create CHAMPIONS, a fundraiser exhibition at gleason's gym in brooklyn, New York to support retired boxers. brought to you by T.K.O.O x OCLESSE, in association with the world boxing council, Jose Sulaiman Charity Boxer’s Fund and WBC Cares. The event will take place July 8th, from 5-6pm (media only), 6-10pm (guest list) Gleason’s Gym: 130 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY. Calling boxing professionals and enthusiasts, art industry experts and collectors to join us at Gleason’s Gym with Legendary Champions on July 8th from 5-6pm for the media, 6-10...
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  • The environmentally-centered Artwork ‘Saharan Sands’ (2022) by Contemporary Artist and Activist Natalia Kapchuk sells for £27,940 at the remarkable Phillips Auction
    During the Wired online auction held by Phillips Auction House from May 18th to 24th, 2023, a curated selection of exceptional contemporary artworks by established and emerging artists captivated audiences. London-based artist and environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk has gained global acclaim for her contemporary mixed-media creations, coveted by collectors worldwide. Her artworks have also been featured in charitable auctions supporting environmental and humanitarian causes, leading to the inclusion of her piece 'Saharan Sands' (2022) from The Lost Planet series in this exclusive event....
    FPRBuro Communications Agency
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  • Bitget Celebrates Messi’s Birthday with Graffiti Wall in His Hometown
    Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, is honoring its official partner and soccer legend Lionel Messi's birthday on June 24 in a unique and artistic manner. As a gesture of appreciation, Bitget has commissioned a graffiti wall featuring portraits of Messi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This special gift is a testament to the platform’s exclusive partnership with Messi, aimed at promoting the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. Bitget and Messi embody shared attributes of perseverance, continuous improvement, and resilience when confronted with challenges....
    Єлизавета Копань
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  • London’s Artesc Gallery Robbed: Do Thieves Appreciate Art More Than Critics?
    A group of unidentified men robbed London's Artesc Art Center & Creative Space, located at 103 King's Cross Road, on the night of Monday, June 5. Between 10 PM and 3:30 PM the next day, the suspects broke into one of the halls and fled the gallery in a getaway vehicle with seven pieces of artwork from local creators and on-site equipment. The stolen items are valued at over £10,000.  London is the heart of the UK's 21% share of the $56 billion global art market. As a result, the city has a reputation for art theft owing to its strong gallery scene, light funding of Scotland Yard's...
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  • Newly released book by Rebecca Gabriel:APPEARANCES-EXPERIMENTAL PORTRAITURE
    GOLD LIST AWARD artist, Rebecca Gabriel's, new book APPEARANCES - EXPERIMENTAL PORTRAITURE, is newly released by Wellstone Press. Art critic John Seed, author of DISRUPTED REALISM writes, "In Gabriel’s sensibility, there is always more going on than the eyes can see. Finding ways to try and express the mysteries of others through portraiture has taken Rebecca Gabriel towards her own imaginative core. Her journey has been very rich indeed as she has inched closer and closer to things that will never be understood."  Dafna Narrow, CEO of ART MARKET MAGAZINE writes,"Gabriel's work...
    Rebecca Gabriel
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    Dorich House Museum presents a selection of portraits of sculptors in their studios by photographer Anne-Katrin Purkiss. She has a longstanding interest in documenting people in the context of their working environments and occupations and is especially drawn to spaces created and inhabited by artists. Further examples of her work can be seen in a digital display in the Plaster Studio Café on the ground floor.  Viewed within the setting of the sculptor Dora Gordine’s former studio-home, these portraits of women sculptors today ask us to consider their creative environments and what...
    Anne-Katrin Purkiss
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