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Call to Artists the Great California Paint Out!



September 21, 2013: 8am – 4pm, Paint Out Session
Silent Auction and Reception/Party: 7pm—9pm
Contact: Nancy Resler,
Information and Registration:


Deladier Almeida, Chella, Kanna Aoki, Shelia Delimont, Joe Bellacera, Myron Stephens, Boyd Gavin, Marti Walker, Mike Bagdonas, Philippe Gandiol, Marie-Therese Brown, Louis LaBrie, and Leslie Toms.

The 12th Annual California Landscape Exhibition and Great California Paint Out will be held September 21, 2013 at the John Natsoulas Gallery. The day-long workshop will feature plein air painting demonstrations by eminent Sacramento Valley landscape painters. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and paint alongside these artists during the Paint Out session. The work produced by both the artists and attendees will be hung in a one night exhibit and silent auction held that evening at the John Natsoulas Gallery.

One of the most important things to note about California landscape painting, particularly in the Sacramento area, is the influence of Gregory Kondos and Wayne Thiebaud. The significant impact of their local professorships on this year’s exhibiting artists can hardly be overlooked. Seen in the work of students like Clay Vorhes and Melissa Chandon, Thiebaud and Kondos’ approach to light and form resonates as an intensely original interpretation of what is too easily deemed an antiquated genre. Local artists Pat Mahony, Roy Tellefson, Michael Tompkins, and Boyd Gavin continue to create plein air paintings in this vein, only furthering the reputation and quality of our regional art. Their careers bloomed in the ’80s and ’90s while painting important areas of the Valley, and have since broadened in scope to include the entirety of the state. In this work, there is evidence of an authentic Americana that only grows more rare with over-population and development. The goal of our exhibition is to avoid the traditional seascapes or views of Yosemite’s Half Dome, but rather explore this new imagery in the context of a modern perspective. There is true beauty in the ability to see for miles and miles without interruption, and in the works of these artists, you come to fully comprehend the power and beauty of California’s vast landscape.

There will be ten sites in downtown Davis throughout the eastern fork of Putah Creek Arboretum on the University of California, Davis campus where you will be able to paint alongside the participants. You will be able to ask questions and get help and support for you work from the ten master painters. 

This event will be concurrent with the international plein aire painters “world wide paint out” at various locations around the world.

Contact Information: 

Nancy Resler


San Francisco