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Davis Transmedia Art Walk



The Davis Transmedia Art Walk is a free, self-guided, public art wonder that combines the latest technology with art from the top painters and sculptors in the country.  It is the only walk of it’s kind in the country. The Transmedia Art Walk started with 10 sculptures in January 2012 and now has expanded throughout downtown Davis and the University of Davis campus. The walk consists of 50 works of murals and sculptures. Contributing artists include Guy Diehl, Robert Arneson, Jennifer Pochiniski, Bill Maul, Kerry Rowland-Avrech, Jeff Downing, Ted Fontaine, Alex Reifsar, Wes Horn, Myron Stephens, Joe Bellacera, Victoria Smith, John Natsoulas, Kelly Detweiler, John Toki, Finley Fryer, Jean Van Keuran, Cedric Wentworth, Lisa Reinersten, Clayton Thiel, Charlie Schneider, Susannah Israel and Sarah Post.  Since the 1950’s Davis has been the center of the California Art scene. Art pioneers such as Manuel Neri, Roy DeForest, Wayne Thiebuad, and Robert Arneson have called Davis home. Continuing this legacy is the world-class Mondavi Performing Arts Center, the Davis Mural team, and top-notch art venues such as the Richard Nelson Gallery, the Pence Gallery, and John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, along with the Artery, one of the most enduring of artist cooperatives. Neighboring UC Davis is home to one of the best art programs in the country, further contributing to Davis’s unique art legacy.

 The art pieces are all within walking distance of each other. The walk is a roughly circuitous path that can be completed within an hour or two. Every piece of art on the Art Walk has been embedded with an RFID chip. Using a cellphone that supports this technology, you access multimedia files that relate to each work. You can even leave a comment or “burn your own message” for other visitors to see.

The Davis Transmedia Art tour was the result of community leaders, the Davis Cultural Action Committee, Monto Kumagai and the Bulatag Project, the Davis Mural Team, the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts, and the university coming together to create one of the largest public art collections per square mile of any city in the nation. Though other cities around the globe have attempted to replicate the idea of art walk, none can compete with the unique experience that the Davis provides.

The tour is available at any time with maps available at the Yolo Visitor’s Bureau and John Natsoulas Center for the Arts. Artist and curator lead group and family art walking tours are held by appointment only Saturday and Sunday. The guided tour ends with a private luncheon and tour of the John Natsoulas Center of the Arts with the curator and several of the artists. The guided tour is available for a minimal fee and lasts between 2-3 hours. For more information about the Davis Art Walk map, tours, and upcoming conference, call the Natsoulas Center at (530) 756-3938, email, or visit

Mural by Guy Diehl "Tribute with Billie Holliday"

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