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Press release Artizfacts Studio Gallery



Bronx NY


An Exhibit Of Art Of A Sci-Fi Genre

BRONX, N.Y. SATURDAY, (September 22, 2019) - This October marks The Sci-Fi Concept Design Showcase at Artizfacts Studio Gallery Hub featuring the talents of Kevin McDowell with over 30 years of visual arts experience. This exhibit is to be unlike other successful showcases that featured Kevin's traditional works of art from paintings and print work. Hundreds of never before seen designs of Sci-Fi art will be displayed to the public for the first time. Concept sketches, CGI renderings and scratch build models will be displayed for viewing. A brief BTS Sneak peek of the artist upcoming film will be the forum. 

Artist Kevin McDowell, owner of Artizfacts Studio Gallery Hub, will exhibit for the first time his archival work of another sort. Most of his never before seen work of aliens, intergalactic battles and future war machines will be exhibited. The Showcase Exhibit opening will take place Saturday 

October 19th from 6  pm to 8 pm. The Artizfacts Studio Gallery Hub is located at 3835 Sedgwick Ave., Bronx NY 10463. The show serves as a prelude to his animated film currently in production as he continues his work as an art instructor.

"I recently attended the exhibition called, Black and in Power. It was a wonderful experience for me and my daughter. We saw vivid and vibrant pieces that focused on different family dynamics. We especially loved the art demonstration at the end and viewing the art in the dark. The neon colors jumped out of the painting and created a very ethereal mood. Kevin and his family were very hospitable and made us feel welcomed. I look forward to visiting again"-LaShae O


Artizfacts Studio Gallery was founded in 1999 by artist/owner Kevin McDowell in Brooklyn NY as Artizfacts Visual Arts Specialist. It served a visual arts communications platform to support creative expression while striving to conveying thought provoking concepts through multi-media.  McDowell is an arts advocate and a licensed arts educator of NYS were he provided arts instruction to all ages. He has opened his space to the public during the successful run of ArtsFest 2012 and 2013 in New Rochelle. The Studio Gallery space has enriched the visual arts community by launching its monthly venue, The Social Night Life. The platform serves to showcase live musical entertainment and host exhibits for new emerging artists and performers. Organized by the New Rochelle Council on the Arts, ArtsFest highlights the variety of arts and arts venues in New Rochelle and Pelham, with art exhibits, programs and family-friendly activities that spotlight the community's rich cultural and artistic diversity. The work studio exhibition space celebrates seven years running as Artizfacts Studio Gallery Hub at 3835 Sedgwick Ave., Bronx NY 10463.


For more information about the Artizfacts Studio Gallery Hub call (Kevin McDowell) (917 886 3507) or email us (


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