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Get Out Of Your Skull - art project




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Tuesday, 10 August 2021 to Sunday, 29 August 2021
Tuesday, 10 August 2021 - 12:00am

The Get out of your skull art project, is a corona proof, non-subsidized, artists for artists initiative with the participation of an international group of 64 artists from 20 countries, initiated and curated by Ron Weijers for the 10dence platform. This project united a large group of artists during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with all its restrictions and problematic effects on their individual art practices as well as the international artworld. Aiming primarily on providing a positive vibe, to stimulate creative processes, to provide a psychological boost, to re-ignite a possibility to communicate and to network as well as to generate a bright light at the end of the corona tunnel during these darkened times. 

The Get Out Of Your Skull project will be presented to the public within venues at de Zilverhof exhibition space - Ghent - Belgium from 10 till 29 08 2021 - La Providence art centre - Ille sur Tet - France from 05 till 19 09 2021 - World Art Delft [WAD] - Delft - the Netherlands from 15-10 till 7-11 2021 - Arti et Amicitiae [ArtSpace] - Amsterdam - the Netherlands from 17 till 21 01 2022 and de Leutfabriek - Sas van Gent - the Netherlands from 28-01 till 06-02 2022. A digital venue of this project will be presented at ArtWall and and the project is promotional supported by Global Art Project (GAP), High Art Fridays (HAF) and Inspirational Magazine amongst others. (governmental corona restrictions on public venues applicable)

The international group of 64 participating artists to the Get Out Of Your Skull art project:

Echi Aaberg - Sweden, Inge Aerden - Belgium, Timo Ahjotuli - Finland, Mia Andrésen - NL, Francis Beaty - USA, Mirjam Boomert - NL, Anne Brems - Belgium, Lon Buttstedt - NL, Charo Carrera - Spain, Juan Manuel Fernández Cuichán - Ecuador/Spain, Carlos Luis DeMedeiros - Brazilia, Nick van Dijck - Belgium, Evelyne Dominault - France, Jan van Dorp - NL, Andreja Eržen - Slovenia, Mikel Frank - USA, Ana Gabiño - Mexico, Ann Geirnaerdt - Belgium, Coco van Gent - NL, Leonard Greco - USA, Sander Groen - NL, Felicity Griffin Clark - Italy, Diana van Hal - NL, Emily Hastings - USA, Peter Hess - USA, Inge Hoefnagel - NL, David Jenowe - USA, Mar-Grietje Killian - NL, Taeyoun Kim - South-Korea, Laszlo Koscso - Hungary, Paula Kouwenhoven - NL, Ernst Kraft - Spain, Anka Krašna - Slovenia, Bea Last - UK, Paul Lorenz - USA, Constance McBride - USA, Naomi Middelmann - Switzerland, Petra Moll - Ireland, Ringo Mollinger - NL, Christine Morren - Belgium, Tina Morris - UK, Helene Öfwerström - Sweden, Susumu Ohira - Japan, Amy Oliver - UK, Liesbet Optendrees - NL, Domien van Parys - NL, Ralph Posset - NL, Frédérique Rennuit - Belgium, Colin Rhodes - UK, Clovis Schlumberger - France, Peter Schudde - NL, Harry Schumacher - NL, Ron Shelton - USA, Larisa Sjoerds - NL, Patricia Stacke-kelly - Ireland, Giannis Stamenitis - Greece, Tanja Tanevska - SR Macedonia, Erik-Jan Vaandering - NL, Christine Verhaert - Belgium, Frans van Viegen - NL, Karin de Visser - NL, Ron Weijers - NL, Frans de Winter - NL, Madeleine Wories - USA

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Zilverhof Ghent

10dence platform , Dordrecht

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