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"Altered Visions" by Paolo Pedroni | Opening Reception with Artist in attendance




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Friday, 12 April 2024
Friday, 12 April 2024 - 4:00pm

At DCG London, with an opening on Friday, April 12th, the solo exhibition by Italian artist Paolo Pedroni, Altered Vision who is making his UK debut after two participations at Art Taipei that conquered the Asian market and led the artist to continuous sell-outs, will open. 

Pedroni's new and visionary collection consists of a series of eleven canvas paintings that, through the chromatic metaphor of saturation, evoke the concept of accumulation as synonymous with superfluity, using color to delineate the essential from the excessive. 

Each of these canvases, imbued with a sweet pop imagery and characterized by an apparently reassuring sugary palette, features a complete chromatic spectrum in which Barbie pink hues alternate with desaturated color nuances that blend and confuse in a context dense with objects and references to childhood, icons of contemporary consumerism.

In this vortex of close-ups on desires, the artist emphasizes the subtle, almost imperceptible contrast between what vibrates and what seems to intrusively infiltrate, seeking to confuse the gaze. 

The eye, the symbol that recurs in art of all times, becomes in this pictorial narrative, the mirror of a weakness and of that confused soul that is no longer able to navigate its will and loses its course in the excess of stimuli it receives. 

The Artist invites us to reflect and to take a step back, closing our eyes on this social reality we are going through, to search for the distilled essence of life that belongs to us. It is our eyes that once again receive the impulse, but it is the invitation of Art this time to provoke us, with its intellectual push that aims to make us feel the difference between real desire and artificial desire. 

In this deliberate aesthetic choice where the useless fades, feelings remain afloat, portrayed by Pedroni as lively creatures with bright, sparkling eyes, seeking our attention. Are they perhaps our children, our friends, our partners? 

Looking at us in the expectation that we close those digital windows and turn our gaze to what really matters? Thanks to the characteristic soft hyperrealism of Pedroni's painting, the paradox of the present takes shape, the emptiness of too much, the peak of a well-being that has become existential malaise, digital bulimia, the apex of the algorithm of sadness. But in this distinct union of pop culture and social commentary, the present wriggles free, and its portrait, balanced between nostalgia and hope, in a weave of altered perceptions where the spiritual vision prevails, setting aside the superfluous, leaving a pure tableau focused on what is colorfully important. 

Paolo Pedroni, who will be present at the vernissage, is to date one of the very few Italian artists of Dorothy Circus, which we represent with immense pride.

With the Altered Vision series, Pedroni demonstrates an incomparable ability to capture an era, its contradictions, its history, and its strength. 

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35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ

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