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Lola Gil / Intimate Flowers Bloom



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Saturday, 4 April 2020 to Saturday, 2 May 2020

 KP Projects is honored to present the new and pivotal body of work by Lola Gil, entitled Intimate Flowers Bloom.  

Boldly narrated oil paintings, driven by the artist’s self-proclaimed desire to understand the interactions and connections between people, result in pieces that are masterfully beautiful, soulful, and reflective.

“Intimate Flowers Bloom” is a metaphor for that which shows itself during a time of significant awareness.”  - Lola Gil. 

Creating just 15 paintings over the course of 2 years, this exhibition reflects countless hours spent on fine lines, detailed brushwork, and sheer layers of color saturated by the artist’s inner world.  With an outstanding mix of Surrealism and Symbolism, a new, fresh palette reminiscent of another place and time emerges to interact with figures from the present. Accentuated by an academic sophistication in both execution and content, these paintings are particularly impressive considering the artist is mostly self-taught. 

Influenced by historic painters, and techniques like Dali’s distorted perspective and scale, Magritte’s supple textures, and a nod to 1930’s surreal drawing, Lola taps into the subliminal awareness of artists that came before her.  Kay Sage resonates richly in her work, representing architecture with nature, which is often the static setting of Lola’s compositions. Her interiors mimic the shelves that line her studio, filled with figurines and antique creations from a time of nuclear solidarity and quiet reserve. Decorative elements work as metaphorical references within the paintings; drawers hide or release secrets, glass and porcelain objects allude to transparency or fragility with elegance and humor.

Although the outset of each works comes from a personal place, each painting expands beyond the scope of individual experience. As a vessel for lucid dreaming and a means of collective imagination, each composition invites the viewer to step outside of their own reality and through the door into each unique work of art.

“Throughout my entire career I’ve had a particularly obsessive drive to understanding how relationships and connections with others work. Over the past 12 years I have practiced a lot of introspection, and learned how to take ownership of who I am and why. Through my paintings I’ve been able to tap into my subconscious in order to discover truths, find growth, and open my eyes.

These new paintings naturally evolved through subconscious vision, during a collapse with a close relationship, life in isolation, and the powerful decision to be my own source of strength. The outcome offers not only emotion, but a sense of humor, irreverence, and obscurity, under a lens of empowerment. Artists have the ability to help the viewer feel, relate, think, empower, grow, and inspire. This show is for anyone who needs these particular inner movements. For anyone who needs something, whether it relates to relationships, or any particular experience that requires personal growth. For those who may see themselves in these portraits, or who need and wish to escape with a narrative. “ – Lola Gil

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633 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles CA 90036

KP Projects Gallery , Los Angeles, CA

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