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“The Prieto Family Show: A Growing Tradition of Artistry”



“The Prieto Family Show: A Growing Tradition of Artistry”

 Fouladi Projects is thrilled to present “The Prieto Family Show: A Growing Tradition of Artistry.” On view will be new and historical work spanning three generations of Prieto family artists. The exhibit will feature ceramics by Antonio Prieto, Eunice Prieto Damron, and Mark Prieto, as well as hand-blown glass by Esteban Prieto, wood and stone pieces by Paco Prieto, porcelain ware by Nori Obata, screen prints and zines by Laurel Prieto with written contributions by Thea Prieto.

 Opening reception for the artists: Friday, June 12th, 6 to 8pm.

Exhibition will be on view through July 10th, 2015.

 Antonio Prieto and Eunice Adams met while studying ceramics at Alfred University in the 1940s. After graduating, they married and moved to Oakland, California when Tony joined the faculty at the California College of Arts and Crafts. In 1958, Tony became the Chair of the Art Department at Mills College, where he taught until his untimely death in 1967.  As ceramics teachers and collaborators, Tony and Eunice raised their four sons – Esteban, Mark, Peter, and Paco – on the Mills College campus where their home was a center for a community of artists. In the 1970s, Eunice and her sons relocated to West Oakland where they established Prieto Studios, which is still active today.

 Antonio Prieto (1912-1967) was born in Spain but immigrated to the United States with his family as a baby.  He established an important position for himself within the history of American ceramics, which has been documented by the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. He exhibited widely around the United States and Europe and played an influential role in the national and international dialogue about ceramic art.  He was beloved by his students and his colleagues.

 Eunice Prieto Damron taught ceramics at the Walnut Creek Civic Center and at Mills College, where she also curated the Prieto Gallery and the Antonio Prieto Collection. She lives and works in the high basin range of western Nevada, and makes ceramics in the warmer months and watercolors in the winter. She turned 91 this year.

 Esteban Prieto, the eldest son of Tony and Eunice, is a master glass blower and is known for his functional blown glass tumblers. He lives and works in Saint Louis, Missouri with his wife, Nori Obata, porcelain ceramicist and a glass bead maker. 

 Mark Prieto, the second son, graduated in ceramics in 1973 from the Rhode Island School of Design.  He creates distinctive ceramics in his home studio in Portland, Oregon and has also enjoyed many years of teaching ceramics.  He frequently collaborates with his wife, theatre director and writer Stephanie Arnold Prieto, notably in the area of set design and ceramic properties for theatre productions.

 Peter Prieto was the third born son. His craft manifested through various methods of welding, construction, farming, and storytelling. At the age of twenty-six, he purchased a stretch of coastal land on the Fort Ross Ridge, where he built his house and welding shop with his wife, Lynne Prieto. They raised three children, Thea, Laurel, and Clayton. He passed away in 2012.

 Paco Prieto, the youngest son, is a multi-constructionist, known and well respected for his thoughtful craftsmanship in working with wood and metal. He has built many custom architectural fixtures for museums and public spaces around the Bay Area and beyond. He lives and works at Prieto Studios in West Oakland.

 Thea Prieto is the firstborn daughter of Peter Prieto. She earned her BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing at Portland State University.

 Laurel Prieto is the younger daughter of Peter Prieto. She received her BFA from the California College of the Arts (formally the California College of Arts and Crafts) and her MFA in printmaking from San Francisco State. She lives on the Fort Ross Ridge where she has established Prieto Screenprinting.

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