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ANIMIS Movement


March 2, 2013 8pm at 74 Market St. Gallery in Venice, CA director/choreographer Hassan Christopher and his R I A C T O R  Performance Lab charge the space with a primal-kinetic dance experience inspired by Nicol Ragland’s provocative "Between Two Worlds" photographic exhibit on display March 1st through March 15th, 2013. Her confrontational and emotionally stirring images raise questions about our ability to access primal and immaterial forces within contemporary society... Hassan Christopher, guest choreographer Andrew Wojtal and 10 dancers react with a collective act of vital “Animis”. Free performance (Suggested donation at the door).

 Performers include:  Hassan Christopher, Eryka Clayton, Lindsey Lollie, Emily Meister, Alex Drattel, Andrew Wojtal, Leslie Curtis and Jeni Baker.



Hassan Christopher / R I A C T O R - People-power & Performance Lab  innovates work bridging the digital-analog divide to empower people through the marriage of Art, Technology and Culture. This performance marks the first in a series of collaborations with visual artists whose work simultaneously challenges and inspires viewers to examine assumptions about our relationship to nature as urban dwellers and global citizens.


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 The Gallery at 74 Market Street Venice CA, 90291.


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ANIMIS Movement


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