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WINGS 2023: An International Group Exhibition by Gallerium



Exhibition Type:

Thursday, 1 June 2023 to Monday, 31 July 2023
Thursday, 1 June 2023 - 6:00pm

WINGS 2023 juried international group exhibition officially opened on June 01 and will continue for two months until July 31, 2023.

This alluring show brings together a collection of fantastic colors and patterns of winged creatures, real or imaginary, as we showcase the breathtaking artworks of talented artists from around the globe.

Please spread the word, tag your art-loving friends, and let’s soar together in WINGS 2023.

Let the artworks speak to your soul and ignite your creative soul. Feel free to register your ratings and share your insightful comments, as your unique perspective will enrich the collective experience and contribute to our vibrant artistic community.

Artist ( Description ): 

Jeanne Rietzke, Nikki Coulombe, Christine Metropulos-Friedrich, Dmitriy Gushchin, Makena Gabel, Nancy C Jacques, Safa Faisal, Robert Falcone, Terry Hrynyshyn, Angel Santos, Robin Rudolph, Mark Miller, Jodius Fuqua, Andrew Chalfen, Barry Johnston, ILIA, Michael Ellowitz, Arthur Jacoby, Susan Spitz, Linda Lansbury, Darlene Alexander, David Larks, Layla Moody, Ed Whitmore, Denis Barry, Alan Iberg, Marie Laforge, Seti Ghavami, Sofiia Kozeniuk, Paul Hultman, Bobby Jones, Oliver Cruz, Jose Velez, Aranka Szekely, Elicia Castle, Ellen King, Lewis Bangham, Mike Mcgoff, Robert Deschenes, Jim Bellisle, Jeannette Kortz, Farida Ali, Mary Robertson, Carina Imbrogno, Christine Douglass, Cher Pruys, Deborah Zerden, Dida Andr, Naima Flint, Jasmyn Stokes, Rita, Billy Ray, Ann St.Clair Lesman, Jim Resnick, Milo Abadilla, Andrea Abler, Mike Alexenko, Adrian Amiro, Bill Anderson, CJ Anderson, Ellen Athens, Sheldon Bachus, Lucky Bailey, Seleny Banuelos, Linley Barba, Al Bardeleben, John Benevento, David Blow, Joy Broom, Dawnja Burris, Marissa Cashin, Asia Ceballos, Edie Christensen, Larry Clay, Paul Collins, Paulo Corrêa-Meyer, Lisa Eve Costanza, David Cumming, Crystal Davis, Christos Diamantis, Martin Diggs, Wanita Dixon, Fran Downs, Joel Dyer, Steven Edson, Evan Edwards, Hannah Eickelberg, Donna Faranda, Ken Faraoni, Ren Feliz-Durishin, Leah Flippen, Hope Forstenzer, Julie Fowells, James Frost, Kirk Fry, Kurt Garbe, MaryBeth Garrigan, Robert Gartner, Donna Geist Buch, Judith Gentile, Pauline Goldsmith, Marion Grant, Tina Greer, Sara Guada, Alan Hantz, Howard Harris, Stephen Haynes, Lynette K Henderson, Susan Holloway, Vincent Hron, David Isakson, Dawna Isham, Matt Jagitsch, Penny Jamrack, Jill Jernigan, Greg Johnson, Pamela Jones, Mark Kaufman, Diane Kazakis, Shannon Kiley, Nancy Kozikowski, Marie Krajan, Anna Ladyzhenskaya, Rose LaLuz-Cogdill, Joanie Landau, Sally Lee, Scott Lee, Francene Levinson, Kelly Liedtke, Vesna Longton, Sam Louras, Luci Luprek, Janet Mandel, Douglas Marshall, Joshua Masters, Janet Moczar-Buti, Sanna Strangelove, Addi McClure, Christina McFaul, Anya McManis, Kristina Mekdeci, Jeffrey Melzack, Angie Micenheimer, Rob Millard-Mendez, Gail Wood Miller, Melissa Mills, Susan Moore, Arisa Nakahata, Stephanie Navon Jacobson, Kathleen Ney, Elizabeth Niesuchouski, Valentina Ortiz de Zárate, Barbara Page, Margaret Pardy, Barbara Parisi, Linda Pasca, Sandra Peticolas, Alena Petrova, Adam Phifer, Molly Phillips, Cathy Pitts, Betsy Popp, Natalia Purchiaroni, Brian Quinn, NA Radeaux, Kimberly Rademacher Heuer, Sarah Rainey, Jeanne Rehrig, Connie Resch, Lynda Sauls, Abel Schiro, Ted Shaine, Mary Shisler, Mechele Shoneman, E Wayne Snodderly, Chandana Srinath, Eileen Sudzina, Kathrin Sumpter, Michael Surber, Linda Susman, Reven Swanson, Joy Taylor, Pamela G Taylor, Linda Trytek, Alyssa Valdez, Desaree Ware, Joyce Welch, Debra Westdorp, Julie White, Louise Williams, Jennifer Wilner, Chris Winn, Karin Yahr, Wendy Yothers, Yvonne Navarro, Isabelle Zab, Marie Karambis, Michael Ericsson, Suzanne Cross, Phil Merlino

Other Info: 

Countries: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Germany

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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