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Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 137 Tecumseth Street Toronto, Canada M6J 2H2

- About -

Susan Hobbs Gallery has made a definitive mark on the contemporary Canadian art scene since it opened in 1993. Occupying an austere two-storey building on Tecumseth Street in downtown Toronto, the gallery is within close proximity to a number of leading contemporary galleries. Its signature exhibition space is enhanced by a proven reputation for ambitious and carefully curated programs. The gallery’s current roster of artists range from emerging to established, all of whom are critically engaged in both conceptual and material-based practices.
Susan Hobbs Gallery is committed to maintaining a dynamic dialogue between its artists and national and international art institutions, critics and collectors, while also introducing international artists to Canadian audiences, often for the first time.

- Previous Artworks -

Ian Carr-Harris
Dimension: 0.5 × 30 × 23 in
humph, 2021
Shirley Wiitasalo
Dimension: 0 × 40 × 48 in
Sandra Meigs
Dimension: 1 × 16 × 20 in
The Little Lost Operas