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Domenico Romeo, ANM_PEX_002_BER_22





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Friday, 27 May 2022 to Friday, 29 July 2022
Friday, 27 May 2022 - 6:30pm

Domenico Romeo, ANM_PEX_002_BER_22 

at Nadan Gallery in Berlin

An interactive spatial experience guided by three different large-scale sculptural installations connoted by a strong anthropomorphic and, at the same time, architectural component. 

on view until the end of July 2022

Weaving together architecture, anthropology and the empirical nature of time and space, Domenico Romeo’s latest series “ANM_PEX_002_BER_22” - on view until the end of July 2022 at Nadan Gallery in Berlin - is an experiential journey through three new large-scale installations that explores alternative approaches to understanding and unraveling the complex knots of identity between language and gesture, materials and codification, experience and revelation. The exhibition itinerary develops as an interactive spatial experience guided by three different sculptural installations connoted by a strong anthropomorphic and, at the same time, architectural component, both in conceiving the works through a creative technique of assembling the sculptures (in which Romeo uses the lack of space between the elements to connect the iron bars through the voids within them, in order to transform the space) and in shaping the very space in which the structures are placed, almost as if the work itself by coming to life would start to autonomously mimic the artist's gesture and, in its expansion, fits spontaneously and materially into the empty spaces within the perimeter of the room. 

Romeo’s sculptures are living structures that, in dialogue with the space, draw paths, trace trajectories, and invite the viewer to recognize himself in them and undertake one or multiple spatial experiences. The installation opens up a different set of possibilities through the uncertainty given by the presence of a crossroad (a dividing wall) and the consequent difference of experience according to the choice of path taken that may or may not lead to a giant "casket keeper" an impenetrable tower, three meters high, which perhaps holds the mystery of a revealing secret.

Ranging from various forms of sign painting, installation and performance, Domenico Romeo’s work confronts the complex history and innate interconnection of structure and body, architecture and experience, language, identity and symbols. As he traces the path to an ancestral revelation through his modular structures, the artist introduces a sense of universal unity and ongoing transformation, which is the ultimate meaning of his work. Fundamental in this sense, it also turns out to be the decision to codify all his exhibitions and works – that always take on an anthropomorphic connotation – almost sorting the various elements of his "opera system" into categories. 

Starting with the title of this new series, ANM_PEX_002_BER_22, where ANM stands for "Souls" ("Anime" in Italian), these structures appear to indicate a real body made of bones (the soul of steel), skin (the fabric), and soul (in essence and thus in name), which functions by a solidarity among the elements and becomes almost like a living structure/organism and thus no longer just elements but a system. Thus, coding in relation to the system acquires a fundamental meaning in Romeo’s work; for example, thinking about organs, we know what they are as themselves and their function, but only when put in relation to the human body (as a system) they can come to life, but as something that is different from them individually, they become a unit (which in this case takes on the figure of man) but still exist as such and as themselves (heart, lungs, etc.).  Such an approach reinforces the notion that the "opera magna" in Romeo's body of work is to be identified in the totality of the modular system itself, that is, the set of ferrous matter, textiles, and basic rules for the assembly of the works themselves that concur to create a unity of space and object, language and form. 

Monochromatic colors, simple structures, technical fabrics and cold metallic materials, Romeo's new sculptural installations are rational and intensely contemporary, avant-garde and courageous assemblages of geometries torn down and then reassembled to make a visual equation of vertical and horizontal lines, all the while giving careful consideration to the space they inhabit and the creative and gestural expression. Romeo investigates the transformation of our imaginary of reality into structures, controlled by reason and gesture, in order to subsequently rediscover these same structures in a 'certain' natural reality, inspiring the viewer to re-think and re-examine the surrounding environment. These huge steel-framed shaped works are inspired by signs and language, the artist combines both mediums to convey his message, focusing on symbols, rhythms, and grids to develop his unique visual alphabet - he arrived at this particular form of expression after years of research and experimentation. Research that draws from both the fields of art and fashion (a sector in which Romeo has been working for years as the head graphic designer of the well-known brand Off-White). This also inspired him to deepen his knowledge of technical textiles, now a fundamental part of his artistic production, often used for his particular "flags”.

The form of Romeo’s work is abstract in the extreme but contains a great deal of linguistic information - industrial development, urbanization, norms and individuality. A high degree of equilibrium can also be seen in Romeo's work, in which the rectangular hard steel assemblage seeks a balance at the level of industrial society between individuality and collective balance, nature and spirit, matter and consciousness. The replicated structure forms the basis for a robust building and the infinite possibility for its development. These substances influence the way we live in urban society, as Karl Marx writes in his Basis und Überbau: The mode of production of material life conditions, the general process of social, political and intellectual life. In the midst of the rapid rise of cities, there is perhaps a greater need for a philosophical, cultural, political and self-conscious ascent beyond the material. The artist aims to provoke the viewer to reflect on the deep structure of society and human nature.


Domenico Romeo’s new installation in Berlin 

Nadan Gallery > Meraner Str. 7, 10825 Berlin 

on view until the end of July 2022

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Domenico Romeo (Palmi,1988) studied law in Rome, but left to pursue a path of applied design, studying Graphic Design at the IED. In parallel with graphic design, he cultivated his artistic research, which he exhibited for the first time in 2013 in a personal painting exhibition. This first debut already contains the formal elements of what will be his future research: the concept of system, an alphabet of cryptic and abstract symbols, in this case expressed on canvas through the calligraphic gesture. In the same year he moved to Milan where he approached fashion, collaborating with various brands. In the same period he began his association with Off-White where, alongside Virgil Abloh, he contributed to the growth of the brand as head graphic designer. It is in this professional context that Domenico deepens his knowledge of fabrics, particularly technical ones, to the point of making them his own and integrating them into subsequent artistic productions. Alongside fashion, Domenico continues to experiment with various forms of sign painting and installations that he presents in exhibitions and performances around Europe. In September 2021 he presented in Milan his new body of works in a solo exhibition called AXIS. This was the occasion to show the systemic sculptures made of iron bars and nylon fabrics he was working on since the last three years.

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NADAN is an independent cultural platform situated in Berlin, promoting contemporary emerging art, design, creativity and ideas. The space intends to promote innovative points of view and transversal practices, activating a positive exchange and discussion process particularly between Asia and Europe.

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Meraner Str. 7, 10825 Berlin

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Domenico Romeo, ANM_PEX_002_BER_22
05/27/2022 to 07/29/2022


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