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Saturday, 4 July 2020 to Saturday, 1 August 2020

Cross Lane Projects will be reopening on Saturday 1st July with Made With...


Cross Lane Projects will launch its 2020 programme with the exhibition Made With...
considering materiality in contemporary sculptural practice.

Curated by John Stephens, this new group show presents work by Maxine Bristow, Anna Fairchild, Sian-Kate Mooney and Mark Woods.

Made With... is concerned with those qualities of materials that are not just the means by which
art objects are made but also with the ways in which the intrinsic qualities of materials and
associated processes determine the form and the meaning of art objects; meanings that come
from interests in social issues and issues of culture, gender and sexual politics, psychoanalytics,
psychogeography and semiotics.

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Maxine Bristow
Based in the Northwest of England and with a background in textiles, Maxine Bristow’s practice and research takes as its starting point the complex material and semantic conventions of the medium of textiles and the everyday functioning environment, modernist legacies and postmodern discourses with which the medium is entangled. These provide a point of departure for an expanded artistic practice that variously takes the form of wall-based objects, sculpture and installation. Moving beyond the specificity of textile, the work is concerned more broadly with a material sensibility within contemporary art.

Anna Fairchild
Anna Fairchild works with sculpture, film and photography. Her practice is focused on the process of direct casting of spaces where fluid material and process meet fixed surfaces, acted on by the force of gravity. Using an experiential approach she establishes a balance between intuitive interactions with a fluid making process and an acknowledgement of the emerging forms gradually assuming a kind of mimetic relationship with spaces and things that she has seen or experienced. It has been through this material and process-led operation that her creative practice has been driven, asserting a balance of rational decision-making with an intuitive approach out of which emerge works that are to a large extent unanticipated. The material processes that she uses enable a mapping of traces of unseen places, giving form to fragments of images, memories and experience, through which she may be able to reveal unseen or intangible things of both a physical and emotional nature.

Sian-Kate Mooney
With a background in fashion and textiles Sian-Kate Mooney has over the past ten years developed a sculptural practice that has eschewed conventional sculptural materials in favour of those whose association is normally with the making of utilitarian things. Using, amongst other things recycled fabrics and fashion items, latex, building materials, self-fabricated soap, felt, or combinations of these, she is very much aware of the properties of the material; degrees of rigidity, flexibility, malleability which contribute to the ways in which the works look and behave. Having been a fashion designer, much of her work, notwithstanding its abstract nature, acknowledges the human dimension. Whilst there are works that stand tall and some that sag, some involve draping or wrapping, their making has involved very careful and sensitive consideration and juxtaposition of these intrinsic material and semiotic properties that ultimately draw attention to the very materiality of the stuff of which the work is made.

Mark Woods
Mark Woods uses a range of materials that include epoxy resins, silk, leather and faux materials, to create “transgressive” objects that reflect an extraordinarily high level of execution, which acknowledges the intrinsic nature of the material that he uses. The materials both shape the forms as much as they become part of the objects’ allure and ambiguous meaning and their association with an exquisitely tantalising eroticism. They appeal directly to the viewer’s sense of something fetishistic and seem to lay bare a fascination with the “fraudulent simulation phenomena of a society increasingly obsessed with glamour and pornography”.

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Cross Lane Projects, Cross Lane, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 5LB

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