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I Never Imagined It Could Be Like This



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Thursday, 14 October 2021
Thursday, 14 October 2021 - 6:00pm

Jonathan McCree is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with painting, sculpture, film, installation and live performance. His artistic practice attempts to push the boundaries around traditional notions of architecture and demonstrates how experimental practice can help uncover new strategies for exploring spatial qualities and ideas. Also fascinated by the architecture of the body and soul, Jonathan generates a visual language, which leads to a deeper understanding of the spaces we inhabit and navigate.

Constructed from corrugated cardboard, which has been meticulously painted with layers of pigment and varnish, the work’s lightness and movability, speaks of Jonathan’s intentions and the idea that architecture can be seen as a temporary thing. Suggestive of screens, altars, columns and even buttresses, the placement of each sculptural component, will choreograph our movement around the gallery. We are invited to step over pieces which lie horizontally on the floor and walk around the horizontal and vertical groups which lean against the walls. Each sculpture operates both individually and as a playful component within an installation. Over the course of the exhibition, Jonathan will move the sculptural elements creating 2 or more iterations of the installation.

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Jonathan McCree is a London based multi-disciplinary artist. He works with painting, film, installation, sculpture and performance, pushing the boundaries of what is normally perceived as architecture, demonstrating how experimental practice can help uncover new strategies for exploring spatial ideas and qualities. Materiality and structure are main considerations giving way to a deeper understanding of the spaces we navigate on a daily basis. He has shown widely in London, Italy and the USA - including Pulse Miami with Sim Smith gallery. He has most recently worked in collaboration with other artists and choreographers at APT gallery London and he has had a solo show 'High Folly' with Sim Smith both in 2021.

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39 Old Church Street, Chelsea, London, SW3 5BS, UK

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