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Lisa Timmerman Flow Exhibition



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Saturday, 6 April 2024 to Saturday, 29 June 2024

This exhibition was inspired by a moment of intense observation in Myanmar in 2016. While waiting for a bus, I became mesmerised by a sunlit koi pool. Every movement created ripples that disrupted the tranquillity, mirroring my thoughts about the noise and demands of modern life. The paintings in this exhibition explore the contrast between the fragmented reflections on the surface and the muffled serenity beneath. The challenge was to capture the energy and textures observed in the pond, creating a sense of both looking down at the water and being submerged within it. Experimenting with oil paint and cold wax medium, different tools such as palette knives and spatulas have been an integral part of this process. Through this exploration, I hope to translate my experience into a visual dialogue inviting you to contemplate the beauty and complexities of our world from above and from within.

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Award-winning artist Lisa Timmerman isn't just creating paintings, she's inviting viewers on a journey of exploration. After a successful career in fashion design in London and East Asia, Lisa returned to her artistic roots, establishing her studio in Leicestershire in 2011. Her passion for colour and the complexities of the natural world soon blossomed into the captivating work we see today.

Lisa is captivated by the beauty and complexity of the natural world. Her current series of koi fish paintings explores the contrast between the fragmented reflections on the water's surface and the serenity beneath. These works delve deeper, reflecting on the overwhelming nature of modern life and the search for inner peace amongst it all.

Lisa says: "Painting is always on my mind. The process of mixing colour, finding different tools to apply it to the surface, and the unpredictability of the marks made, it is totally absorbing for me. It keeps me very much in the present moment, my mind free and flowing and remains full of surprises.

Often I feel my paintings almost paint themselves but when I look at my work I see so many parallels which reflect my thoughts and feelings about my life. My koi fish are all little personalities, some powering through the turbulence, others hunkering down in the muffled silence of the water."

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78 Derngate, Northampton, NN1 1UH, United Kingdom

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