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Fragile Earth

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Saturday, 14 May 2022 to Saturday, 4 June 2022
Friday, 13 May 2022 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Artizan Gallery welcomes artist Sally Baldwin to show her ongoing body of work, Fragile Earth, in their Basement Gallery as they enter their Summer season of exhibitions.

Fragile Earth is a body of work evoking natural forms such as trees, pods, flowers, insects, sea life, water. The materials used - recycled paper, handmade paper, silk waste, silk, cotton scrim - are ghostly, white and ephemeral, suggesting delicate, fragile, finely balanced and vulnerable landscapes.

The work had its origins during the first lockdown when it felt as if the world as we knew it was collapsing – not only was the environment under extraordinary threat, with climate change and habitat loss demonstrated clearly all around us, but our society too was crumbling because of a rampaging virus.

“I started a project called ‘Disintegration/Things Fall Apart’ and was very pleased to be awarded Arts Council England funding to help in its development. Initially my idea was for the pieces to form a white and ghostly landscape, a reminder of what we once had but have now lost. However, as the work progressed I decided a better name would be Fragile Earth as I felt it was more optimistic, and reflects my belief that we can still reverse this decline if we work together globally and locally to switch to a circular, carbon free economy, and to protect endangered habitats.

Some of the issues faced by the environment are evoked in the pieces. Plastic Everywhere: Ocean is part of a series that shows how our love affair with plastic has infiltrated every area of our planet including our seas ‘Ghostly Gum’ refers to the massive loss of primary eucalyptus forest, and all the species they support, in the Australian bushfires of 2019/20, and to the vast numbers that are felled every year for agriculture and land clearance. I like using pod forms, as they represent nurture, protection, and new life, and by making them in delicate materials such as chiffon, or lacy scrim dipped in paper pulp, I am indicating that these forms too are fragile and in the balance.”


Tuseday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm

Launch 13th May 6 - 8 pm RSVP www.art-hub.co.uk/maypv22

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My amazement at the beauty and complexity of the natural world informs my work. I focus primarily on botanical structures, and wherever possible use sustainably produced materials, including reused paper, handmade paper, and waste silk fibres.  I work both two and three dimensionally, and use stitch, manipulation, and collage extensively, creating wall pieces, installation and sculptural work, and wearable art.  I have developed a method of stitching and deconstructing paper to create ‘paper lace’ which I use for hangings, wraps and in collage. Several years ago, I sold some of this work to Alexander McQueen as ‘inspirational pieces’.


Recently I have become increasingly alarmed at the rate at which we are losing our biodiversity due to habitat loss and climate change. My current body of work, Fragile Earth, focuses on this. It is a collection of white, ephemeral art pieces evoking natural forms such as trees, leaves, pods, flowers, insects and sea life, both two and three dimensional, and indicating the fragility and vulnerability of our amazing Earth, which we need to work together to protect.


I have a first-class honours degree in Textiles and Surface Design and worked as a lecturer in Further Education for 15 years teaching textile art. Prior to that I worked in fashion, in particular running a small business making silk and cotton lingerie and nightwear. I now focus entirely on my artwork and am based in Mid Devon.

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7 Lucius Street




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