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The Hills Are Alive: The Great California Landscape Exhibition




The Hills Are Alive: The Great California Landscape Exhibition

The John Natsoulas Gallery will host the 13th Annual California Landscape Exhibition with an opening reception to be held at the gallery on Saturday, August 2nd, at 7pm.

From the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the craggy coastlines of the Pacific Ocean, California has an abundance of natural beauty that has drawn artists to the state for generations. The legacy of landscape painting started with Alberdt Bierdstadt’s turn of the century paintings of Yosemite and grew with the depiction of rolling vineyards and lyrical coastlines by William Keith. California has always offered unique opportunities for artists to expand their visual horizons, and the 13th Annual California Landscape Exhibition is yet another opportunity to celebrate Northern California’s artistic legacy and growing mythos.

The rocky beaches, arid deserts, and lush agricultural land are just a few of California’s multitude of complex and consistently developing eco-systems, providing endless possibilities for unique works of art. Contemporary artists such as Pat Mahony, Bud Gordon, Philippe Gandiol, Boyd Gavin and Leslie Toms have taken the multifaceted nature of California and brought new ways of viewing landscapes to the John Natsoulas Gallery. The exhibition displays original representations of scenic vistas and cityscapes and offers visitors the opportunity to view the familiar in new and exciting ways.

There has never been a single prevailing Californian aesthetic, but it is the consistent reference to nature that seems to assert itself as our state’s ubiquitous influence within the broader artistic community. Join us at the John Natsoulas Gallery to witness and experience California’s limitless beauty and the distinct role it plays in the world of California art.

John Natsoulas Gallery 
Location: 521 First Street, Davis CA 95616 
Gallery Hours: Wed-Thu 11am-5pm, Fri 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-5pm

Exhibition Dates: July 30th - September 20th 
Opening Reception: August 2nd 7pm-9pm


Artist ( Description ): 

Contemporary artists such as Pat Mahony, Bud Gordon, Philippe Gandiol, Boyd Gavin, Myron Stephens, Frank Ordaz, Sherrill Williams and Leslie Toms 

Venue ( Address ): 

John Natsoulas Center for the Art 

521 First Street

Davis, CA 95618

Dvorak Art , San Francisco

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