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Gallery Opening Reception : Quedate Conmigo/ Stay with Me




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Thursday, 18 January 2024

The CAMP Gallery, (N. Miami,) is pleased to announce our first Gallery Exhibition Opening of 2024: Quedate Conmigo/Stay with Me, by artist Maru Ulivi.

Please join us for the third Thursday of the month for our gallery event. Maru Ulivi is an experimental textile artist and photographer who will be presenting a wide range of her works, curated by Karina Maddonni. The evening will bring the viewer on a journey through the works, the palette all leading towards a notion of both self discovery and growth, where the artworks mirror the pathways towards an enlightened being. Inspired by the integration of nature into art, this series seeks to question what both surrounds us and that can suffocate us or trap us under a deceptively protective appearance. The combination of malleable and organic materials, along with plastics and metals; refer to the imposed and self-imposed labels that condition our nature. Still, we are a living and complex system that clings to the land from which we came and to which we will return.

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Born in Caracas on June 12, 1963, living in Miami. Photographer, mixed media artist, interior designer, and life coach specialized in Dream Building. She studied Digital Photography, Documentalist, and Lighting, as well as research workshops in Photography, Photographic Narrative, and Visual Discourse in Venezuela, the United States, Argentina, and Brazil.

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In 2017, she wrote her first photo book "Cages" where she interviewed more than two hundred women of different nationalities, ages, and social strata who shared their testimonies. Her vision of art is associated with internal and external transformations driven from the creative act and the power to connect susceptibilities. She is currently developing the project "Callar duele más" in which she expands the research ofher first photo book. Work focused on women that have continued through reflection and exploration the point of venturing into the use of other formats, taking photography as a support and base. It incorporates collage and sewing, achieving images that challenge and open discussions around women's visions about themselves, their body, sexuality, and limitations (social, psychological, religious, and cultural) through an intimate and deep approach with portraits and nudes assembled with objects and landscapes, images cooked and intervened as re-readings, a summation of cracks, patches and darning in a kind of metaphor of life that makes its way despite difficulties and discovers new beauties.

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791-793 NE 125th ST 

North Miami, FL 33161

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03/08/2024 to 03/29/2024
Gallery Opening Reception : Quedate Conmigo/ Stay with Me
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