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Jeremy Mann: Jupiter Femina



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Friday, 8 September 2023 to Saturday, 14 October 2023
Friday, 8 September 2023 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Ryan Graff Contemporary is excited to present Jupiter Femina, a solo exhibition from artist Jeremy Mann.

In this evocative body of work, the dance of the dual muses of feminine essence and planetary phenomena brings light to new creative explorations. 

Jupiter Femina evolved from Mann’s purposes of improving a method of preliminary technique, while also utilizing an improvisational practice of harmonic design and destruction. This exploratory intersection was catalyzed by both the loss of his studio and his beloved cat, prompting Mann to search for a new visual language more integrated with subconscious emotional expression. 

Visual references for the color harmonies of Jupiter Femina are derived from Mann’s concurrent interests in a beautifully complex mixture of Mayan glyphs, shapes, arrangements, light, energy, and physics, and the evidence of these phenomena as visualized through the great mysteries of the solar system being brought to light by the heroic minds of our many nations’ space programs. 

The feminine power of strength and beauty, bold and mysterious, seductive and melancholic, destructive and life-giving, reflects in the colors and power of nature, whether near to us in the petals of flowers and shapes of human figures or across millions of miles of vast and empty space, swirling in the colors of Jupiter's sunsets and empty planes of distant seething moons.

It’s in this melding of the mysteries of the infinite cosmos and the infinite harmonies of feminine grace that Jupiter Femina is born.


Artist ( Description ): 

Jeremy Mann (b. 1979) graduated from Ohio University with a Cum Laude degree in Fine Art-Painting. Afterward, he ventured out to California where he earned his Master’s Degree with Valedictorian honors at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Since then, Mann has garnered substantial attention in the art world. Praised by critics and collectors alike, his work has graced five covers of American Art Collector magazine as well as Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and International Artist Magazine.

Executed on medium to large-scale panels, each exciting work demonstrates the artist's unmistakable style. Working on wood panels provides a strong support, where Mann can utilize a number of inventive techniques with an ever-expanding array of nontraditional mark-making tools achieving everything from broad gritty marks to the finest of sensual strokes. Mann paints with confidence and flair. He addresses complex compositions with a mature eye and his colors are both vivid and atmospheric. He remains unlimited in his creative approach involving a myriad of materials and mediums including analogue photography from homemade cameras, film making and the written word.

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804 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

Ryan Graff Contemporary , San Francisco

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