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‘Hard Exterior/Soft Beneath’ pairing Biomechanical Sculptured Wears with Figurative Oil paintings

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Monday, 10 June 2002 to Tuesday, 12 July 2022
Friday, 10 June 2022 - 5:00pm

A visceral experience of movement, sensuality and startling originality featuring contemporary figurative oil paintings and the undulating liquid-like metal biomechanical exoskeleton sculptural ‘wears’ of Ira Sherman.

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IRA SHERMAN has flipped the myth of the chastity belt on its head. By reframing the metallic device as wearable fashion, these remarkable sculptures offer a spectrum of emotions, from revenge or permission to emotional healing or redemption. HARD EXTERIOR/SOFT BENEATH highlights mechanized masterpieces from Sherman’s “Hardcore Chastity Couture” collection: intimate armor offering protection and empowerment. Sherman’s study of modern to medieval prosthetic devices brought him the added mechanic of pneumatics that allow parts of his kinetic sculptures to pulsate with a lifelike breathy sound and motion. His art works are welded, forged, embossed, pressed and bejeweled with expert craftsmanship. Sherman is a master jeweler, internationally recognized metal sculptor, designer and intuitive engineer. His work is in the Smithsonian, and his series of biomechanical wearable sculptures have been seen in galleries across the nation and featured on avant-garde fashion runways.

PAMELA FRANKEL FIEDLER, in this dynamic collaboration, captures Sherman’s sculptures as her muse and translates them onto canvas using her tools, her voice and her distinctive style. The viewer is compelled to place themselves into the painting, to imagine donning Sherman’s sculpture and to experience self-transformation.Frankel Fiedler uses everyday people as models, honoring the flaws that endear us to one another. “I want others to see through my eyes; to see that the body is beautiful as it ages. However, it is important that the viewer also see the subject as strong, intelligent and courageous; a real person exhibiting actual life-experience.” Her mastery of the human form, with its folds, shadows and curves, as well as her use of stark shadows cast against the soft lines of warm flesh has won her both international and local acclaim. Pamela Frankel Fiedler can often be found working at her easel in INTRIGUE Gallery located in the historic Canyon Road Art District of Santa Fe, NM. She devotes herself to contemporary figurative works and displays dexterity across multiple mediums including oil, acrylic, metal leaf, cold wax, graphite, soft pastel, mono-prints and etching.

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 Intrigue Gallery 238 Delgado Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

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‘Hard Exterior/Soft Beneath’ pairing Biomechanical Sculptured Wears with Figurative Oil paintings
06/10/2002 to 07/12/2022


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