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Amazing Animals 2024 Juried Art Awards



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Sunday, 7 April 2024 to Sunday, 7 July 2024

Artwork by Chris Rossi, Gold Award recipient.

Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award recipients!  The artwork for this exhibition has been selected and voted on by three jurors based on theme, quality of work and technical skill. We are pleased to present to you this international exhibition, we hope you enjoy the show!  Link to the virtual event available below.

15 countries represented in this show: USA, Canada, UK, France, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Belguim, Taiwan, Greece, Norway and Sweden.

Best in Show receives 3-month main page slider promotion at CB, published artwork at, individual award mention at, entry into CB’s Artwork of the Year Award and $100 cash. Other awards include a 3-month group award virtual exhibition, social media exposure for all + top artist's work randomly boosted on Facebook and Instagram, exhibition announcement via eblast to all CB subscribers, recognition of all award recipients at and official award certificate.

Artist ( Description ): 

Best in Show
Nanda Hoep

Gold Awards
Chris Rossi, John Hanley, Linda Hansen, Susan Wehrman

Sliver Awards
Chris Parratt, Diane Carriere, Élizabeth Laflamme, Emily Bolton, Katherine Yates, Lynn Kibbe, Micheline Perreault, Patricia Alonzo Diaz, Shawna Hinkel, Sonja Jones, Sophie Parkhill, Susanne Fumelli

Bronze Awards
A Debra Reich Schwalm, Amy Hutto, Angela Parr, Barbara Boeglin, Britta Bartelds, Carole Olson, Caroline Gosselin, Cher Pruys, Colin Welden, Curtis Fedder, Daniele Desourdy, David Mason, Deanna Colosimo, Deb Marvin, Denise Petersen, Diane Sanderson, Elizabeth Burin, Galal Ramadan, Gary Aleksiak, Gloria Ellis, Hao Ze Tong, Holly Cannon, Jasmine Leask, Jocelyne Bouchard, Jocelyne Bouchard, Kathy Moore Wilson, Megan O'Connor, Michelle Delanty, Nick V Reys, Nicky Shelton, Pamela Siik, Patricia Alonzo Diaz, Robyn Bromham, Seth LaGrange, Sonja Jones, Yvonne Todd

Finalist Awards
Andrew Gradoville, Angela M Leggio, Athanasia Karatza, Berta van der Meer, Beth Flom, Beverly Carlson Bradshaw, Brad James Jr, Cathy Dunn, Christopher Forrest, Cindy Berceli, Corla McGillivray, Deanna Colosimo, Deb Farrimond, Deborah A Brosen, Eke Gybot, Gail Haire, Garre Liana, George B Pendlebury, Heidi Weaver, Ira DellaMonica, Jaimie Barchus, Janet Croog, Janet Mandel, Jen Goldman, Joanna Strelnik, Jocelyne Bouchard, Jocelyne  Bouchard, Joe Watkins, John H Diephouse, Jolaine  (Jody) Goldman, Kathryn Delany, Kathy Snapp, Kay Ross, Kevork Cholakian, Kim Chase, Kim Perdue, Kimberley Di Penta, L Michele Lutzai, Lana Burnett, Marie Eve Plante, Meyriel Edge, Michelle Delanty, Nanda Hope, Nat Crook, Paal Anand, Pastelart TimeaG, Robert Bolla, Robert Dooley, Sammie Tzambazis, Shawna Hinkel, Stacey Barge, Suzanne Taylor, Tracy Laasch, Trish Weisenstein, Ulla Muchardt, Vanessa Magdaleno Thorman, Veronica Grantham, Yuli Chang

Venue ( Address ): 


Camelback Gallery , Scottsdale

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