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Country: United Kingdom
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Art Full Frame is a young agency, based in London and Rome, created and conceived by three friends who have been working for years in the realization of major events (art, cinema, photography, business) as photographers, art director and communication experts. Art Full Frame is specialized in the organization of major events to make them available to photographers who want to increase their international visibility (London, New York, Rome, Turin…).
AFF organizes international photo contests and photo exhibition (solo and group exhibitions) for photographers who are registered on the AFF online platform. AFF helps the members both in the ideation and realization of the photographic project until the planning phase of the photographic exhibition. The aim’s agency is to discover new talent.

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view Decisive Moment
05/05/2021 to 05/18/2021

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Dimension: 30 × 0 × 40 cm
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