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Country: Spain
City: Madrid
Category: Art Gallery
Address: Calle de Justiniano 3 · 28004 Madrid, Spain.

- About -

After 30 years of activity as an art dealer I am now embarking with renewed enthusiasm on a new solo project - the Nicolás Cortés Gallery - characterised by its outstanding team and by the same aim of pursuing new fields of study to promote knowledge and appreciation of Spanish and Italian art. As such, this seemed an excellent moment to present many of the important works that have passed through our hands, together with numerous others available in this new venture, through the publication of this carefully-produced volume which focuses on painting and sculpture.
Created by a wide range of artists, the works date from the late 14th to the early 20th century. Our intention in this new phase is to reaffirm our commitment to all the art lovers, collectors and experts who have supported and followed our activities in the hope of continuing to move successfully forward, discovering new and important works and sharing the sentiments and emotions expressed by works of art with the widest possible public.