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Domestica Eccentrica

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Wednesday, 8 September 2021 to Sunday, 26 September 2021

Five artists working in textiles, paper and various other mixed media present an immersive experience where objects assert their own agency in an effort to claim the exhibition space for themselves.

The exhibition will also include the following free events, open to all:

11th September, 3pm – Performance on Richmond Green

18th September, 3pm – Artists’ Talk

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Caroline Gregory’s work borrows stories, memories, and beliefs that may be held in everyday spaces, objects, and people. She often plays around with a mix of new, secondhand or found materials,  re-placing objects in occupied and abandoned spaces, shuffling and shifting things to mess-up, divert, or perhaps even transform meanings contained.

Usually an installation artist, Julia  Maddison’s work often revolves around the themes of memory, sickness, sex and loss. Collecting, reworking and subverting the flotsam of forgotten lives, she is gradually building a kind of museum of domestic misery. She is currently working on the curation of Mother’s Ruin, a group exhibition to be held in a disused gin distillery in east London. 

Rachel Pearcey’s current work combines her love of textiles, stitching, mark making and repetition; using vintage linen and flax and felted wool blankets she constructs unbreakable vessels: bowls, cups, bottles and dishes on to which she stitches and stitches and stitches small straight marks. Rachel was awarded the Benton Purchase Prize at the Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries.

Carol Wyss is a visual artist working across analogue and digital media in print and installation. Carol has won several prizes including the John Ruskin Prize 2012 and the City & Guilds Print Prize. She is a member of the London Group and exhibits widely: the 58th Venice Biennale, Millenium Gallery Museum Sheffield, Johanniterkirche Feldkirch/Austria, Whitechapel Gallery, Barbican Arts Trust and Kunsthalle Weimar.

Natalia Zagorska-Thomas is a Polish-British visual artist working in London. She has exhibited her work in Australia, Poland, Spain, Cuba, Germany, Italy and the UK. She is also a conservator of textiles and textile related objects as well as a curator of ExPurgamento, an independent gallery in Camden Town, London. 

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1 Paved Court

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