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Kasama Potters Project: Bringing together thirty-four free-spirited Japanese Ceramicists



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Tuesday, 5 October 2021 to Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Around sixty miles from Tokyo, the city of Kasama is home to a flourishing community of potters, both established and up-and-coming. Unlike many of Japan’s well-known pottery regions, Kasama has relatively few long-established ceramic-making traditions or techniques. Its post-war identity is instead founded on attracting, and providing an environment to, individual ceramicists. Creating a community, they reflect modern Kasama ware. This is characterised by a keen sense of self-expression and individual choice. Recognising this, Kasama was recently awarded a Monocle Design Award for ‘Best in Craft’.

The Kasama Potters project brings together thirty-four Japanese ceramicists from Kasama. The project’s aim is to promote and showcase the work of this unique pottery region, with its numerous ceramic styles. The quality and strength of Kasama’s clay fosters a close connection between the potter and the region. When producing works, Kasama’s potters have the freedom to follow and express their own aesthetic values. This freedom of expression is an important aspect of selecting forms, techniques, and glaze motifs.

The Islington Square event (5th Oct - 29th Dec 2021) which launches during London Craft Week, will be the largest showcase of Kasama ware outside Japan to date, and includes brand new ceramics. During the past year, the thirty-four Kasama potters have enjoyed a discourse with British ceramic specialists. While the new ceramics are a reflection of this, they still embody Japanese techniques, styles, and enthusiasm. Through the works of each Kasama potter and a relaxed evening of talks (featuring some of the potters, subject to any Covid restrictions), visitors will have an opportunity to discover the history of Kasama ware and the region’s myriad ceramic techniques. Moreover, this is a rare chance to purchase limited pieces by each potter.

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South Arcade, Islington  Square, 116 Upper Street, London N1 1AB

Seen PR , Brighton

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